About us

Techmates are a team of IT support professionals that get on well with technology and revel when solving IT problems. We use remote control software so that when you have a problem we can instantly connect to your computer and begin solving your problem there and then.

We are a UK based team who are connected through technology. Our Techmates love solving problems and always have a friendly can do attitude.

Customer ratings and feedback after each support session encourage us to deliver the best IT support to everyone.

Remote IT support specialists

For computers, tablets and smartphones

After you pay the very reasonable fee we will call you. Using the simple options that this website presents to you we will remotely connect to your computer and fix your problem.

We have a strict security policy and will not touch any of your personal items. Every Techmate session includes a review of your security so if anything your data will be more secure after your session is finished. We can also setup an online backup of your documents, pictures and videos to protect the things that matter from IT failure.

Pay a fixed fee for your support session

100% money back guarantee

At techmates we charge a very reasonable fee up front, this way you know what you are paying and don’t have to worry about a big bill for solving your problem.

Our money back guarantee means that if we can’t solve your problem or if you’re not happy with our service we will refund you in full. Our aim is to provide friendly, simple and affordable computer support.

Our prices do vary. We are open from 9am to midnight everyday. To match supply of Techmates to demand we operate stock market pricing! When we’re busy the cost for support can go up, when we’re quiet the price comes down. So keep checking the website to catch the best price.

Remote computer control software

Our clever software lets us share control of your computer or, tablet or smartphone

Most IT problems can be solved through remote control of you electronic device. Techmates have advanced software that can easily (only with your permission) give us shared control of your computer or device. When we are working on your computer or device you can watch what we’re doing and even take over when you want.

We love solving IT problems

From speed up to software help

You may have a specific problem with your computer (slow, can’t print, too much spam etc) or you may simply want to know how to do something in Excel. Contact Techmates for any issue and our skilled team will do our best to help or solve your problem in a friendly useful manner.

Once you’ve had your first techmates session you will qualify for discounted rates on any future support. We hope you’ll keep using us so we can build a successful working relationship with you.

Rate your experience

Techmates are rated by you, pick the same techmate again or pick a specialist

After your support session we ask you to rate our techmates. This helps us maintain a high standard of support, it also allows us to develop some Techmates as specialists in particular areas. After your session, if your Techmate now understands your issues you can pick the same Techmate again in the future should you have a similar issue again.

If you problem is fairly specific Techmates can give it to a support specialist who has expertise in you problem area.

Who are we?

Once you pay the system shows you who will be calling you

You will be called by one of our skilled remote IT support team. Please click here to see a list of our Techmates.