Cloud setup your IT

Understand cloud? We do, let us setup your IT so you can access important information from anywhere.

Techmates will put your email in the clouds so you can access it from your phone, tablet and PC. We’ll setup a cloud backup of all the documents and photos that are important to you so you’ll never lose anything again.

What we'll do

Techmates will talk to you about your existing email accounts and what devices that you have, we will then come up with a plan for the cloud setup of your IT and put everything in place. We would normally perform the following to get your IT setup in the cloud:
  • Check how your email is configured and give access to it on your smart phone.
  • Check what applications you are using to cloud backup your files.
  • If necessary install our cloud backup service to backup all of your important data to cloud servers (this is free for 1 year)
  • Demonstrate how to access emails and files from any other device.
  • Check and setup cloud synchronisation of your calendar, contacts, tasks and pictures between your devices.
  • Setup remote access to your computer so that you can work from anywhere.
  • Run a scan for main known viruses and malware.
  • Check the antivirus software is working properly and Install free anti-virus software if necessary.

25GB of cloud hosted email

Enough to last you a decade or more!

If you don't already have an email account with cloud access Techmates can set one up for you. These normally come with 25GB of Microsoft Exchange cloud hosted email, we’ll set it all up and do the hard work for you. Alternatively you may use one of many free email account providers, again we’ll set it all up for you including getting your email on a mobile device.

Unlimited online backup

of pictures, videos and documents

Free for 1 year with this package we will give you unlimited cloud backup of all the data on your PC. This includes the ability to access these backed up files from anywhere in the world through a web browser or even through a special app on your phone. Don’t worry we’ll set it all up for you and show you how to use it. Each additional year of cloud backup is only £4 per month, that’s £48 per year.

Access email, calendar, contacts and tasks

on your smartphone or tablet

Our 25GB hosted email account allows you to access all your emails, calendar, contacts and tasks on your smartphone or tablet. We can even show you how to share your calendar with family or friends. With this system in place you don’t need to worry about losing or swapping your devices as everything is copied to the cloud.

Remote access

to your computer system

If you would like to be able to remotely gain control of your computer when you are on holiday or away from your computer, Techmates can setup software that will allow you to do this from anywhere in the world!

To buy any or all of the above please buy a Techmates support session now and leave the rest up to us.