Computer service

We look at what’s installed and clean up your computer in order to get the most out of it.

Techmates will look for anything that’s slowing your computer down then update or remove it. We know many tricks for restoring your computers speed. Sometimes computers get too many things installed and just need some good house keeping to sort them out again.

What we'll do

Techmates will perform the following actions when on your computer to service it and get the most from it:
  • Check what's installed and remove any applications which we know are rogue or problematic.
  • Discuss with you which programmes you need and remove any that are not needed.
  • Analyse the hard drive to see what is taking up space.
  • Clean up the hard drive by removing temporary files and files that are no longer needed.
  • See what programmes and services are set to run in the background and disable any that aren't needed.
  • If your computer is low on RAM we will set the PC to run in a lower graphical mode to save RAM.
  • Analyse the running processes and services and remove or disable any that are causing a problem.
  • Run a scan for main known viruses and malware.
  • Check the antivirus software is working properly and install a free antivirus programme if necessary.

Hardware review & recommendations

Simple changes to your PC can improve its performance

Techmates will review your computer’s hardware, the installed software, running services and the storage space available. A cheap RAM upgrade may give your PC its performance back, we can work out what’s needed and make everything easy for you.

3 easy steps to speed up

Your windows computer

Techmates will identify why your PC is slow then take steps to relieve the strain on your system. We can normally deliver very good results. Having worked with computers so much we know a few tricks or the trade to get Windows to perform better.

Cross platform support

Many devices supported

Techmates can remotely control your PC, your tablet or your phone and help to clean it up to get more from the device. Android devices in particulare can benefit from a service. There are many process that can set themselves to run in the background. Techmates can clean these up for you.