Live IT support

Any problem, query or training need? Techmates will sort it for you!

Techmates love solving IT problems, if you have any IT issue simply buy a support session then we’ll call you to resolve your problem. If something has stopped working and your stuck, it you don't want to spend ages trying to fix the problem yourself please contact us. Even if you just need to be shown how to do something, we’re ready to help.

What we'll do

Techmates can perform a wide variety of things to resolve your IT issue. Here is a selection of some of the things that we might do depending on your problem:
  • Mend access to a shared printer or solve a problem with printing.
  • Demonstrate how to use or work with a website or app.
  • Change the settings on your computer to solve a problem.
  • Fix a problem with sound/audio or resolve an issue with playing a video or other digital content.
  • Attempt to recover data that you think is lost or recover a file that is corrupt.
  • Run a scan for main known viruses and malware.
  • Check what's installed and remove any applications which we know are rogue or problematic.
  • See what programmes and services are set to run in the background and disable any that aren't needed.
  • Check the antivirus software is working properly and Install free anti-virus software if necessary.

Fix a specific problem

with your device or PC

If something isn’t working quite right with you MAC, Windows computer or laptop then buy a support session, when we call you, explain the problem and we’ll sort it out. As always with Techmates if you’re not happy with our service you can simply get your money back.

Remote support

on your smartphone or tablet

Techmates can support all the latest smartphones and tablets including iPhone and iPad, as well as any devices powered by Android or Windows. Our remote control software enables us to control the device while you watch on, able to take over at any point.

Help, advice, or training

Techmates can do it all.

Our friendly support team are ready to help whatever the issue is. You might just need to know what function in Excel to use, how to create a document or how to setup a printer. Just buy a support session, let us call you, explain what you want and let Techmates do the hard work.

To buy any or all of the above please click to purchase a techmates IT support session.