Virus removal by experts

We will clean malware and remove viruses from your computer.

Our engineers will remotely connect to your computer and clean it up leaving it healthy and virus free. We use our expertise to remove any viruses from your computer. Normally our first sweep will get he computer operational again. After this we perform a deeper scan using anti-spam and anti-malware tools that we know work. We'll also check that your computer has no root kit infections and clean them too.

What we'll do

Techmates will perform the following actions when on your computer to remove the virus or malware:
  • Run a scan for main known viruses and malware.
  • Check what's installed and remove any applications which we know are rogue or problematic.
  • See what programmes and services are set to run in the background and disable any that aren't needed.
  • Check the antivirus software is working properly.
  • Install free anti-virus software if necessary.
  • If required run a deeper scan of the PC to find more malware and viruses.
  • If the PC is heavily infected we may need to run a rootkit repair tool to remove the infection.

Repair of security warnings

Stay upto date to fight threats

Computers need to have updates and patches applied to keep them secure, reliable and up-to-date. Techmates will check that your PC is running all the latest drivers for your hardware, has all the latest updates for Windows and any other software installed. This improves compatibility, reliability and security.

Pop-up adverts

and unwanted warning messages

Malware is a computer programme that tries to fool you into buying something that you don’t need or it serve’s you pop-up adverts. We will remove these rogue and harmful programmes.

Receiving excessive spam?

Techmates can block the spam

Many people receive excessive spam messages. Spam is any email message that is sent without you requesting it. Techmates will improve your spam defence by checking and setting spam filters.

Free anti-virus

Stop the bad things

Techmates will check that you have adequate anti-virus software installed that is up-to-date. If not we will install our recommended free antivirus software to keep your computer protected. We will also check that you have a firewall switched on.